Wait – even at high ranks you can duo queue in 5v5 ranked?

Just came back to the game after 6 years and I just found out that unlike every other game you can duo queue at the very top MMR. Is this actually true? I cannot believe that is a good thing. Please fix this before the next season or there is no competitive integrity in the ladder. Make it impossible to duo queue above or something. Otherwise people will duo with friends and stomp at the top level. There is no competitive integrity in GW2 ladder anyway. GW2 also is a casual game and ppl want to have fun duoing with a friend to at least have a chance to carry the clownfiesta and play PvP without getting brain bleeding. Just don’t take rank serious and play to have fun and kick some hindquarters. Im pretty sure thats the only reason why the top ranked duos still play this game.

Valve update matchmaking for Dota 2

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Normal MatchEdit. Unranked or casual games do not display matchmaking ratings and still doesn’t track your MMR for solo and party queues. All PvP.

Destiny has perhaps one of the most dedicated communities when it comes to picking the game apart and learning its secrets. Such mechanics typically prevent a player from soloing the content. By removing this barrier, a skilled player can take advantage of the ability to fight bosses solo without the largest barrier in the way. Sorry, Titans and Warlocks – only Hunters can do this. Players will also need access to tons of heavy ammo, which is where Raid Banners come into play, and a willingness to beat their heads against the wall to master the complex series of actions necessary to activate the glitch.

You can see it in action in this video from Cheese Forever. The setup is complex, though not as complex as the process necessary to spawn an Arwing in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The first step is to jump-slash with one of the two aforementioned swords until the action no longer causes audio to play. Next, use the card emote shuffle then summon Ghost and dodge during the emote. Emote again. Jump-slash with the sword and emote again. Once again, pull out your Ghost companion and dodge.

Repeat this process several more times and if it was done correctly, a player can enjoy immunity to environmental effects – including nasty group wipe mechanics.


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I’d like to suggest a 2 step process that could greatly improve matchmaking. other solo crew members – this helps prevent a power imbalance of instantly brigging While people could abuse a more expansive matchmaking system, it could.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Dota 2 will require players to link a phone number to their accounts to participate in ranked matches, to curb the creation of multiple accounts by a single user.

Whatever the case, multiple accounts “create a negative matchmaking experience at all skill brackets,” Valve said in a blog post announcing the change. It takes effect May 4. Valve acknowledged that a linked phone number will not eliminate multiple accounts for a single user entirely. Unranked play has no such requirement to link a phone. However, “Having more players using their primary accounts will have a positive effect on both Ranked and Unranked Matchmaking,” Valve says.

Dota 2 accounts that already have phone numbers linked will still need an extra confirmation step before playing ranked matches after May 4. Phone numbers may be changed but that number will be ineligible for use for three months before it can be registered on a new account. And yes, phone numbers provided by online services, such as Google Talk, won’t be allowed.


Since the past month, there were multiple rumours about players abusing the ranked roles feature only available to Dota Plus subscribers. After some diggings and research into this, I somewhat know how this works. Back then, charms are something which after 3 correct game predictions will give you an actual treasure, so easy profit. And the battle pass abuse are mostly the achievements and quest which players need to do to gain points.

So obviously one side will end up losing, which is why these 10 players will play it twice at a time for the other side of the team to take the loss this time. And the cycle goes on.

Support abuse, madden, pistols, pubg talks ping-based matchmaking service you switch to squad auto matching Is to spectating mode lets players solo.

Tell us about your idea. We are ready to Assist. Thanks, Icey. Our reputation is worth much more then items at steam. Whenever you start to use new IP address your inventory is blocked for 7 days, so there is no way anyone can touch your stuff. Remember to protect your account – after the boost is done we recommend to deauthorize all other computers in Steam Guard options.

It is impossible to steal your account if you have this security checked. You can’t get banned.

Players call for adjustments to new match-making system

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you have been placed in read-only mode. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. Finding a crew in this game could use a bit of work. I’d like to suggest a 2 step process that could greatly improve matchmaking. Step 1 would be the actual matchmaking process before loading into the game.

Today’s update is once again centered on improving our Matchmaking system, that have become common at these ranks and to help make solo queuing more viable. While this will significantly reduce some of the more common abuse.

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Solo Firefight Matchmaking

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28 votes, 10 comments. For context, and this serves as an update and a PSA as well to players playing in Japan server especially at night until .

The official Twitter account of dota 2 recently tweeted, informing the community of over 40, bans to player accounts abusing matchmaking. Although it is not clear what kind of matchmaking abuse Valve is referring to, it can be various elements like boosting, reverse boosting, queuing for the same language and getting preset teammates which increases the chances of winning in solo queue and many more manipulative methods of gaining MMR.

The developers took a more stern step this time by issuing game bans and match-making bans to the abusers. This will make sure that the abusers cannot play dota 2 online anymore, removing them from most game modes. We have banned over 40, accounts for players who were found abusing matchmaking. These bans will now appear as game bans in Steam as well as being matchmaking bans in Dota 2. This is not the first time Valve has issued bans to make dota 2 match-making better.

The Dota 2 ranked roles update

The game goes like this. They get into the game all 5 of them even though it is a solo q game. They then pick huskar, undying, visage, beastmaster, dazzle. You can swap bm dazzle for lich sven but the general idea is the same.

Even host wants to solo, Invite only is safer because if get stuck in map (such regardless of which matchmaking mode it is, the game will pause if player if no limition is posted, someone will abuse and annoy other people.

Posted by Quisquis Apr 21, DotA 0. Valve has come bearing great news for ranked Dota games. Valve has added mechanics to improve matchmaking in Dota. Image from Dota2 Blog. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO was the first to introduce Prime Matchmaking, which involved a separate competitive queue for players who verify their accounts with their phone numbers.

While this obviously can be circumvented, it definitely made my experience in competitive matchmaking much better. Of course it makes sense for Valve to follow suit for Dota. Overall, these changes by Valve should make your solo queue experience better. Grew up in the Philippines, now enjoying awesome internet speeds in Singapore. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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How to survive and thrive playing Dota 2 solo ranked

It has come to my knowledge that many high elo players in the Brazillian server are abusing an, as I believe, unintended Matchmaking feature: Two high elo players duo queue with a Main Account and a Low elo smurf to inflate the Main’s elo by gathering a better team than if queueing with both Main’s. So annoying playing such inbalanced games winning is as lame, not complaining about my own rating since it comes back up when they’re offline anyway. Well, since matchmaking is stupid in Paladins, most players will abuse it.

Some time ago they abused the system in duo with fake accounts using aimbots, to be carried and win.

Matchmaker hates solo queue players scream verbal and racial abuse at you through mic when they get downed dropping solo and your not to add solo’s /​duo’s / new mode that supports more casual play and/or update matchmaking.

Valve unveiled the newest update directed towards Dota 2 matchmaking system, which has been hit with several updates in recent months, with the most recent making some much-needed changes to the scaling MMR based on relative skill and the ranked game modes. Valve explained that they decided for this move because they believe players who play solo have much greater impact on the way the game is played, compared to those who enter ranked matches in a party, and will for that reason award the solo players with the ability to climb the ladder faster, while players who play in a party will see their MMR increase at a slower pace.

That is, however, something that works in theory, will that translate into the real games, however, remains to be seen. The Ranked Roles will from now on be “locked” behind a so-called ticket system. Previously, the players earned the fast queues by selecting every role, meaning they could be assigned to play any of the five roles. Now, the Dota 2 players will earn four Ranked Roles games when selecting all the positions and will be eligible to play Ranked Roles if they pick two support boxes.

Ranked Classic, which does not let you select any roles, on the other side, will replace the Slow Queue games. That issue was already addressed by Ylli “garter” Ramadani, who publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Dota 2 in his announcement, where he unveiled he will be leaving Dota 2 in favour of League of Legends , where he looks to continue his gaming career.

The updates overall failed to inspire much enthusiasm in the Dota 2 community, however, the Ranked Roles game mode has been widely accepted as one of the best additions Dota 2 have made to its matchmaking as it mitigates the all too familiar arguments between the players about who will play what role, which more times than not lead to abuse and ultimately toxic community and unpleasant games.

While Ranked Roles is by no means a perfect solution, it is a step in the right direction and the Dota 2 community seems to be accepting the changes with open arms. As far as the MMR changes are concerned, it seems like it could lead to some high-ranked players earning significantly more MMR than they did under the old system. That could, however, change if Valve introduces a new matchmaking algorithm, but since there were no announcements that would indicate that, we can expect some MMR inflation.

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