The Shangaan-Tsonga people

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Tsonga was born in Le Mans to a Congolese father, Didier Tsonga, Tsonga started dating Noura El Shwekh (she is of Swiss nationality) from late

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And when these stereotypes are internalized and then manifested in society, it could have severe consequences.

The Marital Process. ©Dr Peter Magubane. In Tsonga culture, polygamy is practiced and a man can have more than one wife.

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A Zulu king and a Tsonga princess looking out for each other. it’s sweet. I can see why you guys want it to be a love story,” she tweeted pouring.

John Barnes justified his critical review of the Murngin controversy not only in terms of the “attractive and exciting intellectual challenge” provided by the material, but also because “this history provides us with an embarrassingly rich store of well documented analytical mistakes made by anthropologists The Venda have not achieved the academic celebrity of the Murngin, and, fortunately, the Venda sources are reasonably detailed and consistent, so providing, in principle, less scope for creative fantasy.

None the less, in company with the Lovedu and the Tsonga Junod’s “Thonga” , the Venda threaten to become one of the crucial problem cases in African kinship studies. Scholars of various theoretical persuasions have identified aspects of the Venda system as in some way unique, transitional, or peculiarly problematic. My view is that, on the contrary, a properly contextualised analysis would reveal that the Venda have a typically Southern African kinship system.

I shall take another opportunity to argue that case in detail, however, for my present preoccupation is more methodological. Using the Venda debate as a case study, I shall try to indicate the necessity for conducting analysis in the context of an informed regional structural comparison see Kuper In his well-known monograph on the Venda, Stayt — blinded in action during the First World War, but despite his handicap a formidable ethnographer — drew attention to three issues which have recurred in debates on the Venda material.

The first issue was raised in relation to the kinship terminology. Stayt explained. L’Homme, janv. In the same year, but working independently, Van Warmelo published an account of Venda kinship terminology, and commented upon the terminological identification of WM and MBW. This was to be understood in terms of the preference for marriage with a mother’s brother’s daughter Van Warmelo These terminological identifications have been explained by later writers in similar fashion.

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A young lady has faced a series of challenges in her relationship since dating a man from a different racial and cultural background. Taryn Kholisa Klaasen has been dating her boyfriend for only six months, but has been made to feel uncomfortable on countless occasions when going out in public. Taryn took to Facebook and shared her personal journey in the ImStaying group on Monday.

Taryn revealed that she is of coloured descent and raised in the Western Cape, whereas her Bae is a Tsonga man from Limpopo. Whenever they’ve gone out in public, strangers would blatantly stare at them. She even received hateful messages via Facebook after posting photos of them spending time together.

marital dissolution than the patrilineal ethnic groups (Tsonga and Sena/Ndau). Introduction societies makes it difficult for a man to bring a new wife home to his first the age at marriage of women who were never married at the date of the.

In traditional Tsonga society, choosing a partner was not straightforward, as the process followed a set of rules. First cousins could not marry; child betrothal was not practised, but a father might recommend girls to his son. A suitor commonly sent the woman a grass ring or thorn to indicate that he wanted to marry her. If the feeling was reciprocated, she would send him a grass ring or a thorn, confirming their relationship.

After the girl’s father had formally expressed his approval of the match, the boy’s father sent her family a cow, which sealed the agreement. Once this stage had been reached, further negotiations would be conducted through two intermediaries representing the families. Today working out the dowry due to the woman’s family is still an important concern.

Tsonga marriage is more than a relationship between individuals. It cements relationships between families, carrying privileges and obligations that transcend the death of either spouse. For example, should a wife die before producing a child, or should she be infertile, one of her relatives is supplied to bear children. When a husband dies, his relatives have to provide for his widow; if she is still fertile a younger brother might take her as a wife and produce children through her, on his deceased brother’s behalf.

The traditional ceremony is still practised by many Tsonga. At the girl’s departure from her home, a sacrifice is made, and she formally takes leave of her family and their ancestral spirits.

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this date, they made use of the white man for their own ends, in spite of their hatred of him wives, and so they go and marry Tsonga women because they have.

By creating an account, I agree to the Terms of service and Privacy policy. Tsonga people can be found in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In , the Shangaan Cultural Village was established in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, and is aimed at increasing tourism and educating visitors on Shangaan culture. It has also become a central part of job creation and economic development in the area.

The origins of Tsonga people date back to the days of King Shaka Zulu, when they were known for bartering fabric and beads for copper, ivory and salt. King Shaka sent Soshangane Manukosi to conquer present-day Southern Mozambique in the 19th century during the Mfecane upheaval.

Marriage in Tsonga Society

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date women without marrying them so eventually such a man would pay a bride price “ku lovola” in Xitsonga. Eventually this kind of behaviour would result in.

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It is mutually intelligible with Tswa and Ronga and the name “Tsonga” is often used as a cover term for all three, also sometimes referred to as Tswa-Ronga. The Xitsonga language has been standardized for both academic and home use, making it the base language for the Tsonga people. As with many other languages, there are various dialects within the Tsonga language group.

The Xitsonga language was studied in great detail by the Swiss missionary, Henri-Alexandre Junod between the year and , who made the conclusion that the Xitsonga language which he called the “Thonga language” at the time began to develop in Mozambique even before the s.

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