Left-handed people have been the subject of interest and suspicion for centuries. But there may be a serious upside to going through life as a southpaw. So are left-handed people smarter in general than their right-handed counterparts? Writing with the “wrong” hand may signal some interesting characteristics about a person, possibly including their intelligence. Granted, something as complicated as intelligence is difficult to measure in an accurate way, so any results are bound to be a little ambiguous. But in general, lefties seem to have an advantage in one measurable aspect of intelligence. Overall, left-handed people can apparently solve complex math problems with more ease than their right-handed counterparts, as noted in a study in Frontiers in Psychology.

What makes a watch left-handed?

Thankfully, the prejudice is gone, but people are still curious—why do some kids grow up left-handed versus right-handed? As the Atlantic reports , some researchers believe that being left-handed may be a trait that has continued through time because it gives some people an advantage during fighting. So make sure that left-handed person in your life is having a happy holiday.

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Educate a right-hander. If you’re left-handed, walk a right-handed person through a typical activity to make them aware of some of the difficulties.

Sure, lefties make up about 10 percent of the population — but, frankly, it seems like society has forgotten about them. Just consider all of the right-handed gadgets, awkwardly designed desks, and cooking tools that fit comfortably only in your right hand. What causes someone to become a southpaw? And researchers have found different brain wirings in righties vs. But no matter what it is that drives someone to use their antipodal paw, science has also uncovered a particular set of personality traits that left-handed people tend to have.

Lefties make up about 10 percent of the general population. But researchers have found that in populations with certain mental disorders, that rate goes up. Previous studies have found that people with psychosis had a 20 percent likelihood of being left-handed, though a small study in the journal SAGE found the rate of psychotic lefties may be even higher. For those with mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder , the rate of left-handedness was close to average, at 11 percent.

19 Annoying Things That Make All Left-Handed People Say, “Life Is a Pain”

Left-handedness has been studied as a marker for in utero exposure to sex steroid hormones, and an increased risk of autoimmune and immune disorders among left-handed individuals has been suggested. This study examines the relationship between hand preference and risk of multiple sclerosis MS , a presumed autoimmune disorder of unknown etiology. The nurses were asked to report their natural hand preference right, left, ambidextrous, forced to change. During follow-up incident MS cases were confirmed.

A 62 percent increased risk of MS was observed among women who were naturally left-handed as compared to those who were naturally right-handed 95 percent CI: 1.

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A person who is left-handed primarily uses his or her left hand, more so than the right hand; a left-hander will probably use the left hand for tasks such as personal care, cooking, and so on. Writing is not as precise an indicator of handedness as it might seem, because many left-handed people write with their right hand but use their left hand for other tasks. Left-handedness, in comparison to the general population, also appears to occur more frequently in identical twins, and several groups of neurologically disordered individuals people suffering from epilepsy, Down’s Syndrome, autism, mental retardation, dyslexia, etc.

There have been many famous left-handed people, and the associated right brain hemisphere that is said to be more active in left-handed people has been found in some circumstances to be associated with genius and is correlated with artistic and visual skill. Reference Terms. Studies indicate that left-handedness is more common in males than females. Related Stories.

Inside the Mind of a Left-Hander

I am left handed and do everything with my left hand. Is this going to cause any problems for me in Dubai? If you can only use your left hand then dubai is not for you. Everything and I mean everything is designed for right handed people.

A person who is left-handed primarily uses his or her left hand, more so than the right hand; a left-hander will probably use the left hand for tasks such as.

Both masterpieces are the product of a left hand. The truth is that left-handedness, its causes and consequences, are still largely a mystery to science. In popular culture, the topic of left-handedness is usually introduced by presenting a long list of famous people who possess this trait, which has cemented the idea of the brilliant left-handers. And yet this may be more legend than fact: some claim to have traced the sources and assert that there is no reliable data on many of the names on the lists.

In other cases there are nuances: Mark Twain was a right-handed man who was forced to write with the left because of the rheumatism that affected him on the right. In the case of Leonardo da Vinci, it is said that he drew with the left and painted with the right , until an injury rendered his right hand useless. As far as historical figures are concerned, it is no surprise that finding evidence of left-handed women is even more difficult.

Left handed Quotes

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. For Left-Handers’ Day, DW presents 10 of the greatest “lefties” — and what you should know before becoming one. Nirvana idol Kurt Cobain mostly played with his left hand — here on an inverted right-handed guitar. Once in a while he would pound Dave Grohl’s right-handed drum kit. Cobain was a right-hander — and why he played guitar with the left is a mystery.

For example, in when a left handed person was essentially seen as being in league with the devil, it is estimated that as little as 2% of the.

In hundreds of studies conducted since the s, research has shown that the left side of the brain manages how we approach the world, responding with emotions such as happiness, enthusiasm and determination. The right side manages associations of avoidance, such as disgust and fear. Casasanto conducted research stimulating the right side of the brain for strong lefties, who reported increased happiness and determination. And strong righties, when the left hemisphere of their brains were stimulated, felt the same positive results.

Studies like these are so fascinating, helping the scientific and mental health community come together to better treat mental illness. But there are still so many unknowns in depression treatment, even today! People who have a tendency to make risky decisions lean toward solutions that provide short-term benefits despite the high risk, instead of solutions that are safer over the long term. As we’re leaping into mass online schooling in the U. To expectant mothers: if you’ve had a history of eating disorders before conceiving, it’s best to be open with your doctor about it.

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10 Things Lefties Do Better

In human biology , handedness is the better, faster, or more precise performance or individual preference for use of a hand, known as the dominant hand. The incapable, less capable or less preferred hand is called the non-dominant hand. There are examples of true mixed-handedness; however, it is rare, with most people preferring one hand for most purposes.

“Learning to play golf was much easier being a right-handed person than left,” she says. Today, there’s more awareness of lefties and more.

One really interesting factoid that I picked up was from a scientist who believed that left handed people tended to be more independent as a result of having to adapt to a world which is largely built for right handed individuals. Here are a few more fascinating pieces of trivia related to being a lefty…. However, the percentage of lefties worldwide is slowly creeping up as being left handed becomes more socially accepted.

Believe it or not, to this day some countries still try and force children to learn to write with their right hand! Us left handed guitarists are an even rarer breed! Ever wondered why some people are born lefty?

The Left-Handed Brain, Between Science and Myth

And follow Redbook on Pinterest for more parenting content! Prepare to have your mind blown: Six out of the last 12 U. Only 1 out of 10 people in the general population share that same trait, so that’s a pretty wild percentage. What is it that makes a leftie so presidential?

Scientists start to chip away at the mystery of why one in 10 people is left-handed.

If loving a leftie is wrong, we don’t wanna be right!. There’s no denying it: Southpaws have had a tough run throughout history. Strange prejudices, taboos, links to Satan, 25 negative mentions in the bible — it was even grounds for divorce in Japan in the 20th century. Left’s be honest; it just makes sense. As you’ll see below, they’re a pretty badass group. They have much hotter sex. Does right versus left matter in the sack? Oh, you bet. According to a recent survey, 86 percent of left-handed people reported they were “extremely satisfied” with their sex lives.

Only 15 percent of righties could say the same. The reasons are unknown, but other studies have suggested that lefties have better rhythm. Either way, being 71 percent more satisfied in bed gives lefties the upper hand.

What It’s Like To Be Left-Handed In A Right-Handed World