Finally! A Tinder for Seniors Is in the Works

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Stitch is like Tinder, but for your grandma. Well, not exactly. Stitch isn’t just meant for hooking up — it’s meant for finding a companion to go to the movies or ballroom dancing with. For many “mature adults,” as Stitch calls them, that might be just what the doctor ordered. Stitch, on the other hand, is a lot like other dating services, but a few wrinkles could make it feel a lot different. First, the site verifies the identity of every user, and also only shows results for matches close to you. Additionally, you must take your profile photo using the app, and you can’t message other users.

A Dating App for an Old Generation

The thought that online dating may be something used only by younger generations may now be a thing of the past. Stitch, an online community for people over the age of 50, was launched in and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Currently, Dowling said, it has , members. According to a meta-analysis by the BMJ, people who suffer from loneliness or poor social relationships have a 32 percent increased risk of stroke and a 29 percent increased risk of coronary heart disease.

Dowling said lonely people over the age of 60 can see the same health effects as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

was founded by Sydney-based Andrew Dowling, who was shocked to learn that loneliness causes more deaths than smoking among.

Please refresh the page and retry. A reported 3 per cent of Tinder’s 50 million strong user base are between the ages 45 and 54 , but if you’re looking for an app with better odds of finding someone your age, Stitch may be the one for you. In an interview with CNBC she said: “At first I was really offended we were being associated with Tinder, but then I realised that a lot of our users have found us by googling ‘Tinder for seniors’ because they know their kids are on it, and they’re wondering if they’re something for them as well.

While Tinder, and other dating sites and apps like it , puts an emphasis on ‘hooking up’, Stitch is all about companionship, both romantic and platonic. The app hopes to capitalise on the three in 10 baby boomers who are currently single and the half a million older people who will be spending Christmas alone. Stitch was created because “far too many mature adults told us that while they were fulfilled with family, work, and finances, there was still something missing in their lives.

We built Stitch because everybody needs company, no matter what their age is. I’ve been waiting for something like this for years. Rogo added that she was inspired to create the app after observing how the elderly community operated in America: “People felt like they were a burden on their families and that they were meant to be kind of just sit there and die. Speaking to The Atlantic , co-founder Andrew Dowling added: “One of the inevitabilities of getting older is that your social circle eventually starts to shrink.

And many people find that illness can sometimes get in the way of doing the activities they love. Similarly to Tinder, Stitch operates by presenting its members with supposedly like-minded people, allowing them the choice of deciding if they think they’re a match.

Companionship app Stitch connects seniors across globe

When the Australian entrepreneur was starting social media platform Tapestry in the US, he began encountering the issue of social isolation. So he created Stitch, a website to help overs find companions, travel, attend local events and activities, or even find love. Mr Dowling originally launched Stitch in San Francisco last year, growing to more than members in six months.

Because everybody needs company. Registration. Some call it “Tinder for seniors” but co-founder Marcie Rogo says Stitch is about much more than just looking.

That is the power of dating service that can help bring two different souls that have same feeling together. Many cases proved that online dating has been a boon to help people finding their soul mates or other half of their life and even get married. It has been no different for the people who were over 50 and alone. Since the percentage of people over 50 being single is increasing, there was a need to find a source that can help the longing ones meet the other mature singles to have an enjoyable life.

Stitch dating app is one of the powerful source that has been bringing many mature singles together. Those who have been alone for quite a long time are able to find a match for them of the same age group as well. The community of stitch has more than few thousands of registered members over 50 who are also looking for a right partner within the same age group.

The prime vision that stitch dating app carried was to improve the life of mature singles in all country possible. The benefits of using stitch dating app is that, you can carry your mobile anywhere and find a person of your interests at any point of time.

Welcome to Stitch!

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Rather than hookups, Stitch aimed to connect 50 plus for meaningful relationships, from romantic to platonic. An email address and a password is all. Then set your preference and profile. To use Stitch, you have to go through an online verification process first. This security measure helps protect the Stitch community from scammers and online predators.

Stitch offer two type of verification: Verified and Trusted. Verified uses your social networks and online presence by connecting your Facebook or LinkedIn account to verify your identity. It usual takes hours and it is free. Trusted uses your government ID for the most secure and trusted verification. On the Stitch Community , members interact with each other in a group like in the real word.

You can attend and suggest events and activities in your local area as a way to meet people who like doing the same things as you. Or suggest trips or destinations to travel on the travel part.

dating site for the over-50s matches lonely seniors looking for companionship

By Sadie Whitelocks. A new dating website for over 50s has launched, with the emphasis being on companionship rather than love. Similar to Tinder, the site – currently being trialed in Australia and the U.

Dating is a rough world, no matter what your age. a new service, Stitch, an online community designed to help senior citizens find each other.

Go to: Vendor’s website. This web site brings people together, something like Match. You sign up for free. Then you search for people like you. Only when two people have indicated they are interested in taking is an introduction made. You may continue to communicate safely through Stitch or directly, as you wish. Listen to: ” Want Some Company? Stitch a Group Together. Member Sylvia starts the discussion on ways to stay socially connected later in life.

For those not seeking dating opportunities, there are several resources for finding affinity groups, associations, and activity-based clubs. These are all the more necessary, as we are reminded by another member, due to the loosening of family and community ties from increased relocation and less face-to-face communication. Explorer Bruce shared his knowledge of a website named Stitch where a mature person can find others with like interests, whether dating, hiking, cultural activities, cooking, travel, or other affinities.

Listen to: ” Explorers discuss Stitch “.

Single? Why not try Stitch, the older generation’s equivalent to Tinder?

Stitch is the world’s leading companionship site for adults aged 50 and above. If you’re a Stitch member, the Stitch app for iPhone is the best way to experience Stitch on your phone, giving you the best way to stay in touch with the Stitch community while you’re on the go. Stitch is not a “dating” site, but a community built to enrich the lives of its members.

Some of our members are looking for romance, but many are just looking for friendship and companionship. Questions or Concerns? Please contact us at support stitch.

Another, called Stitch, is trying to market itself as more of a casual dating site. For seniors who simply want companionship and someone with.

Then I took a chance and decided to looking this thing called Stitch out never knowing what a blessing it was going to be for my life. I have a few tears running near my cheeks for I type this out. I feel alive again. You can also find real, independent reviews for Stitch near verified Stitch members here. Join now. Watch the video. Stitch members are often satisfied near family, work, and finances, but love being part of a community that helps make life more fun.

Everybody needs company, no matter what their age is. Community Dating with other members as part for a community is what really makes Stitch unique. Activities Our Stitchers love to get together in groups.

Stitch Is A Social Network For Seniors

On a recent evening inside her Woodland Hills condo, Grace McGrath sat at her computer cruising profiles on Stitch , a location-based companionship site for singles 50 and older. A semi-retired attorney from Long Beach identified only as Bruce caught her eye. Granted, this was all for demonstration, but McGrath — a vivacious Boomer who divorced husband No. Joining a long list of sites catering to a more mature demographic, it relies on profiles, member-driven group activities and group travel to get people offline and meeting face to face.

The new 65 is an active, totally independent, usually still-working individual who drives and travels.

A regular dating site, even those aimed at seniors, didn’t really fit those people who were merely seeking a friend. Stitch was built to help.

This story was written for our sponsor, Cambridge Village of Apex. A new generation of retirees — the Baby Boomers — are entering retirement and bringing a very different attitude toward dating than prior generations. New technologies, like online dating, are changing the way people connect, and seniors are increasingly taking advantage of these options.

Also, updated iterations of the assisted living community are emerging that focus much more on a healthy social life. The Baby Boomer generation, born between and , is the largest generation ever to enter retirement in the United States. They are just now beginning to hit 65, and the percentage of them in retirement is rising quickly. Around 10, Boomers retire every day. Sosa also said with people living past 65, these new retirees are looking at these years as a start of something new, not as simply an end.

Even though both sexes are living longer , women still live eight years longer than their male counterparts. Because of this, the mismatch of men to women grows as time goes on, leading to around seven women for every man in assisted living. Of these, 55 percent of women and 28 percent of men are unmarried. This means women are about twice as likely to be unattached.

Online Dating Service ‘Stitch’ Targets Seniors

First launched in San Francisco mid, Stitch hopes to connect seniors above 50 seeking any form of companionship — from finding movie buddies to developing romantic relationships. The app has since gained attention in the US , and even attracted some users here in Singapore. Stitch is largely centred on the promise of authenticity and quality of interaction, taking pains to verify the integrity of its users.

We tried out the service, and while signing up can be quite a chore, it does come with the promise of a safer, more thoughtful environment for mature individuals to connect. The initial steps of registering as a Stitcher seem simple enough, requiring just an email address and a password.

This is why, for most older adults, a dinner date is the most important first step towards finding companionship. This makes quite a comparison to.

Register or Login. Keep on doing what you are doing, Stitch is so unique. We have been very stitch over. Thanks for Stitch. It is a platonic place to meet real people. There is no other site that I have found to make these kinds of connections on a daily fix and I look forward to our sharing boomers.

Stitch Reviews

For many older adults, the pace at which technology moves is prohibitive. Or at least, they used to. The elderly are getting more tech savvy, participating in the internet in record numbers. According to an Ofcom report, the number of adults over 65 years of age using tablets to access the Internet jumped from five to 17 percent between and

Meet Friendly Seniors and Start Mature Dating. Singles Are Waiting. Join Now!

Welcome to Stitch! My masters thesis was on social enterprise, the idea of combining a older community model with addressing some form of social issue, so the social community of Stitch is fundamental to what we do, and makes us not a very good fit over those businesses or them for us. We do of course need revenues to make us sustainable, but so does any social community – click to see more even non-profit code businesses need to be sustainable.

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