7 Ways Pisces and Scorpio Are Compatible in Love and Sex!

John has a PhD in psychology and teaches college courses in human behavior. He writes about air and space, human behavior, and mysticism. We often hear that Pisces and Scorpio are a good match but few reasons are given why. Is there any truth behind the notion that both water signs are complimentary? As a reader, you have the right to know that I am Scorpio man. For reasons that are beyond my level of awareness, I am drawn to the study of astrology. And to be completely transparent, I am not an astrologer or a reader. I also happen to be a counselor that is trained in psychology. The same holds true for Pisces; one of the most mystical and misunderstood signs in the astrological universe.

Gay Scorpio Dating: The Couch Trip

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been one of those lost, little creatures who feverishly reads about the zodiac. I thought it was just me and my new-age narcissism that made me zodiac-obsessed, and then I started dating other women. Lesbians love the zodiac. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been on a first date with a woman who didn’t ask me what my sign was before the first drink was ordered.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been on a first date with a woman who didn’t ask me what Here is the perfect lesbian celebrity crush for your zodiac sign. We all know Scorpios are the most overtly sexual signs in the zodiac.

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Scorp Dating an Aries (Lesbian Relationship)

This is a woman who loves a good chase, so give her the opportunity to chase you for a little while. Aries is fiercely independent, so give her a little space and give her the chance to be the one to text you first. Nothing turns off an Aries more than intense neediness. Do you like to cook?

Aug 20, – How to Attract and Seduce like a Scorpio Lesbian. Lesbian Horoscope & Lesbian Astrology. #teamscorpio.

Please reblog and spread the word! They will talk about anything. Sagittarius : Travel, philosophy, religion, foreign cultures, etc. Capricorn : In public, talk business, personal responsibilities, and ask their professional advice. In private, talk about sex. Cancer : Kala. The loving, protective mother whose heart was so big she adopted a man child. Libra : Pocahontas. Judicious and gentle, who sought to bring balance between the Natives and the colonists.

Aquarius : Esmeralda. The free-spirited, independent gypsy, who was a friend to all outcasts. Capricorn : External: I am strong and independent.

Single Lesbian Girls Interested In Scorpio Dating

Scorpio dating leo man Convention wisdom says they go, being that keeps things differently, danger, virgo, aries and rebirthing elements of. Secretive scorpio and dancing is a pronounced stage. This, cancer, will be challenging but what happens when he’s a man online the challenge and. It’s promised that we’ll have it all your place of some wild make no different from everyone.

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If you can keep up, she’ll keep you around. What To Expect On A Lesbian Scorpio Date: Stares that peel back your soul. Box seats to the show of.

Queer Astrology Introduction. Starting an affair with Ms. I hope you don’t expect to get much sleep. This fiery gal will keep you going all night and most of the day. She’s got energy to spare and you’d better keep it up if you want to make a good impression on her. Then again, she can be a bit frenetic and may just go to every sporting event, political meeting, and trendy nightclub just to impress you. You can gain her respect if you maintain your own personality e. She digs independent women.

She’s one herself, you know. With Aries, there’s always an invisible line in the sand. She lives hard and fast and wants to see if you’re up for her highly energetic lifestyle. But she doesn’t want to date a carbon copy of herself.


A Scorpio is one of the most complicated signs in the Zodiac. Born between 23rd October and 21st November, these people are intelligent, passionate but also possessive and sometimes vindictive. Here is what you can look forward to if you are dating a Scorpio woman.

Leo Man Gay Dating A Virgo Woman – Instead, I’m a Scorpio man who also happens to be part Native Indian. Explore Astrology Compatibility. Related About​.

Is there anything you can do to fix it? Well — maybe! Taurus women prefer their flirting sweet, but physically affectionate. These women are patient and charismatic with their partners. They can quickly rise up and take control of the situation, and then drift back toward subtle, sweet signs of affection, just in time to sweep their intended partner off her feet. More than just that, they tend to value an intelligent conversation — so much so that they may put off their need for physical attention until a new partner has demonstrated the ability to challenge their mind, as well.

One of their preferred techniques is their smooth talking — if they can surround you with witty, sensual energy and have it returned! Cancer women work best when their flirting is direct and complimentary. They would rather share a casual conversation and a smile than get into anything too deep right away. Leo women tend to wear their heart on their sleeve, and will greatly prefer a long-term relationship over a casual encounter or flirtationship. Virgos are one of the most mysterious signs.

Date and Love a Scorpio

I’m a masculine leo woman.. We were together for two years and i’ve never felt so much deep passionate love for someone or FROM someone. I felt that she was my soulmate and she felt the same. It’s true what you hear about those heated arguments but the sex is JUST as heated.

What Astrology has to say about a Scorpio and her character, relationships, A Scorpio woman is the sexiest and most mysterious of the twelve signs of the zodiac. male/female profiles are designed to be read for heterosexual, lesbian, gay.

In dream symbolism, water stands for emotion. A dream of a crystalline pond means joy is coming into your life. A stormy sea can foretell personal crisis. A winding river can indicate an upcoming journey. And Scorpio is at home in all types of emotional weather. They feel intensely and would wither away if there was nothing to get fired up about.

Now Whats Better Than A Lesbian👭Scorpio😍💦