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Be wary of their ability to conceal their forces in forests, as your unaware army moves out to seek conquest, they can move in to loot and raze your cities.And unlike the Savage Orc tribes, the Beastmen will spread Chaos corruption once they’ve defiled your cities.

If the player prefers the old style rebels this can be turned off with the command switch -old_rebels.

Harness the power of the Amber Wizard to summon a manticore with the Transformation of Kadon, making the Empire the only race other than the Beastmen who can summon a monstrous unit in battle.

The Amber Wizard also has the power to reduce the accuracy of enemy missile units, with The Flock of Doom, invoking Corvus the Crow Lord’s servants to peck at his foe’s eyes.

The college’s territory in Altdorf is but a totemic centre and an occasional gathering place used only in rare and unusual circumstances.

Amber Wizards are reclusive hermits who prefer the company of beasts to their fellow man, and make their refuges in deep forests and high mountaintops.#ignore - to ignore all chat from that player #unignore - to see their chat again #kick - to kick a player from the lobby of your game (host only) #ban - to stop that player joining any game you host #unban - to allow a previously banned player to join any game you host #afk - to tell people you're away from your keyboard Transition between early and high, high and late periods: if the player has any units (such as the king/princes/royal knights) being retrained/upgraded when the time period changes, the units will no longer be lost.



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