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Sometimes we actually post hypothetical questions just to start a debate. The best way to prevent mixed signals, which is what is being discussed here, is to ask direct questions.

It occurs to me that in such a hypothetical situation, there would be a certain amount of discussion between the people involved. Is this a question of testing someone's moral fiber as you called it? It would depend on the individual involved, most men who "do the nasty"on webcam or sends pics half naked to the woman, wants sex, but some could be exhibitionist, and I would suspect the case for most women.

But would it also be safe to assume that a under the circumstances described in my opening thread.

It would be completely insane to suggest the woman would be willing to screw the guy if she didn't feel any chemistry, regardless of WHAT she had shown on cam or online.

Her complaint says that because Airbnb was in control of the leasing process, it had a duty to exercise reasonable care in order to avoid causing personal injury to Schumacher.

The complaint says that Airbnb fails to conduct meaningful background checks or verify the personal details of people who lease their homes on the site, thereby failing to protect the guests’ privacy rights.

All a crook needs to put up a fake listing, for example, are fake photos, a fake profile, a fake address and a real phone number.

It’s also possible for scammers to hijack a current, legitimate account, possibly through bulk purchase of breached logins, and to put up fake listings under the name of an unsuspecting user.Maybe she is just an exhibitionist and a tease with alot of friends who ask for pictures. Assuming that all parties involved are sane, I would say that it's reasonable to assume that nude/erotic photos and cam-ing are a prelude to first-meeting sex.


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