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Other shopping destinations include Broadwalk Retail Park and Reedswood Retail Park.

A Hungry Horse pub and Chiquito Mexican restaurant form part of the £12 million town centre leisure development, which is led by a cinema and other world variety restaurants.

The Gallery houses the fixed Garman Ryan Collection of sculptures and paintings by modern masters including a large selection of work by Jacob Epstein and many significant works by European artists including Van Gogh, Monet, Turner, Corot, Renoir and Constable represented in prints, sketches, drawings, paintings and sculptures.

The collection was donated to the people of Walsall in 1973 by Epstein's late wife Kathleen Garman (Lady Epstein) and her friend Sally Ryan.

The Arboretum held the Walsall Illuminations, a popular tourist attraction, which are held each autumn for six weeks.



There are claims however that Walsall can actually trace its history back to 1004 – but these claims have yet to be proven.

Presenting both solo and group shows and throughartists' projects, we aim to support and develop the work of living artists and to build and develop audiences for the visual arts.



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