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JAY Z and the artist-owners will continue to run TIDAL’s artist-centric service as it pioneers and grows the direct relationship between artists and fans.The formidable pairing of Sprint and TIDAL will grow customers on both platforms by offering exclusive access for customers who subscribe to TIDAL.The Sprint-TIDAL partnership comes on the heels of TIDAL’s recent announcement revealing the availability of “ Master” quality recordings.A wide variety of content from labels and artists, including Warner Music Group’s world-renowned music catalogue, is now available in Master audio across all of TIDAL’s available markets worldwide.Sprint’s chief executive officer, Marcelo Claure, will also join TIDAL’s Board of Directors.


In addition, she was the face of Roberto Cavalli's Fall/Winter 2015-2016 campaign, the first U. Ambassador to TOPSHOP, and part of the "Ladies First" KEDS campaign.Upholding an unbreakable string of smashes, her catalog boasts the No.1 hit "Goodies," Top 5 R&B chart hits "1,2 Step," "Oh," "Promise," and "Ride," and her most recent platinum-certified single and 27th charted hit "I Bet" from 2015's acclaimed Jackie.


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    So if you have five adult photos in the Intimate Encounters section you can share all five with someone, but it won't automatically share your three Backstage photos in the Relationship area with the same person - you'll have to give them separate access.

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    We exchanged a few texts and I decided that being on time was more important, even if it meant that I’d had to fend calls from the boss while on the date. A ten minute delay and about three calls later, she made it to the venue, even as I was trying hard to dial down my enthusiasm. A real hug, like we’d known each other for a while and had finally gotten a chance at meeting. As we settle down, the staff at Saltwater Cafe has already started placing the menu and prepping the table. She discusses the blog, her family, her cat, her flatmate, her incredibly cheap Wi-Fi plan and bad attempts by younger men at asking her out. Maybe her line of work and the dates that she has already been on ensure that she’s easy to talk to. It makes me feel good about this date and makes me feel like this is someone I would like to go out with again.

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    A healthy relationship is one in which you and your partner feel free to express what hurts, what scares you, what worries you – as well as your hopes and dreams.

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