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America once stood on the foundation of God's Word.


You're either for or against Christ, he said, citing Jesus' words.And with that, younger generations are increasingly abandoning God's Word and making "man's word" their foundation.Part of the problem stems from what students are learning in science class, Ham believes.The shift was recently typified by a GAP Christmas commercial, he noted.

In the brief ad, consumers chant, "You 86 the rules. You do whatever you wanna-kah and to all a cheery night."That's the philosophy of the age, Ham lamented: "You do whatever you wanna-kah."The apologist pointed to the cover of the latest edition of , a magazine for secular humanism, that reads: "Fading Faith: new trends show secularism is booming, even in the seemingly pious United States."He quoted one article as stating: "A historic transition is occurring, barely noticed."Because of that, there have been reminders in this culture concerning God's Word, the God of creation."Prayer in schools, Scripture passages carved on government buildings, traditional marriage, the sanctity of life and the teaching of creation in public schools served as some of those reminders, he noted.


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