Redneck dating disaster


There might be a part of us that is unhealthy and is running the show when we feel down, fatigued or not particularly in tune with ourselves or our new found wisdom.

Sometimes we’re just lonely and willing to throw caution to the wind.

It's Nashville songwriters who are embracing these stereotypes about rural white Southerners and pushing cultural boundaries in lyrical leaps - from Gretchen Wilson's female anthem "Redneck Woman" to Jason Aldean's paean to small town life, "Hicktown."This bevy of new anthems about "Picassos with a pool stick," as John Michael Montgomery sings in "Paint the Town Redneck," pick up on a spirit of rebellion, brashness, and humor - crossing musical divides, pleasing country fans, and winning new converts as they climb the charts.

Some critics say the lyrics only serve to polarize a deeply divided culture.

Just because we are healthy does not mean that every person who walks in will be as healthy.


The year before I met the love of my life, I did two things that I had never done before.Sometimes we get tangled along the way, lose our focus or have some other reason for sliding backward.


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