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In the 1880s, the southern portion closest to Summit Avenue was the preeminent neighborhood to live in.Housing further north and closer to University Avenue was less grand.Sections of the neighborhood north of Interstate 94 were torn down and replaced with developments that more closely resembled the suburbs, leaving a striking contrast with the late 19th- and early 20th-century homes south near Ramsey Hill.owing to its location on historic Native American and fur trader paths along the northern bank of the Mississippi River from downtown Saint Paul to Fort Snelling.The neighborhood's northern half was developed in the 1920s or later; the area along Wheelock Parkway was developed in the 1950s.The main commercial corridor is Rice Street (named after the famous Minnesota politician Henry M.


The West Side is actually in the eastern half of the city, to the south and across the Mississippi River from Downtown Saint Paul. It has a residential district on an elevated plateau bounded by the ridges of the Mississippi River Valley.Saint Paul, Minnesota is noted for its neighborhoods.


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