Onecare circle not updating

The second aim of this system, of course, is to provide customers with a way to manage multiple (well, up to three) PCs from a single location.


In this circle of up to three PCs, one or more PCs can be denoted as hub PCs, which are capable of monitoring all of the PCs in the circle and, in very limited circumstances, trigger remote PC health fixes.That way, when you sit down at the PC each day, you can respond to any issues that crop up without having to physically visit the other PCs.This is a wonderful bit of functionality and it works quite well.Now that the final version is broadly available, I've been using on my three most often-used systems, my primary desktop PC and two notebooks. Like previous One Care versions, One Care 2.0 is an all-in-one solution for PC health and maintenance.

However, this version includes a number of major new features, which we'll examine now.The goal, as before, is for these shield icons to remain green, which indicates good health.


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