Norton motorcycle englne and frame dating

It’s actually much much simpler to just remove the seat (especially if it’s a long dual-seat type) to give yourself a clearer view.

You’ll also be able to get in there to clean the relevant section of the frame, or look from different angles or under different lights in order to be able to make out all of the numbers.

Like before, stand on the right-hand side of the bike and look at the right-hand front down-tube, below where the forks attach but above the top engine mountings.

Now that you have hopefully found the frame number of your classic Matchless or AJS motorcycle, the other important piece of information which you’ll probably want to check against your log book is the engine number.

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The photo on the left shows the frame number stampings on my 1951 Matchless.

Hopefully this should give you a pretty good idea of where you should be looking and the sort of thing you should be looking for.

This is easy enough, as long as you know where to look that is!Hopefully though with the help of this article you should be able to locate the correct, unique frame number on your AJS or Matchless motorbike in order to be able to verify it against what is recorded on your registration paperwork.The frame number is also known more officially as the There are, apparently, many Matchless and AJS bikes out there that have been registered with the DVLA using the same “016117” frame number shown in the picture on the right.In ac lacus ut urna pretium malesuada non eu ipsum. Aenean blandit lacus urna, non laoreet orci porta a.

Nulla sollicitudin lectus sit amet nisi viverra tempor. From 1960 onwards the engine number stayed in a similar position at the front of the frame, but moved slightly with the change over to a duplex frame with two front down-tubes.


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