Noahide dating

Yet along comes the archaeologists and discover the relics of an age that they label as The Early Bronze Age.Scientific dating places it at approximately 2800 BCE or in the Biblical year approximately of 1000, overlapping the Biblical timing of Tuval Cain.And for that, they can largely thank the vision of one 20th-century Jewish thinker: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the late Lubavitcher rebbe.Schneerson’s teachings about the messiah (mashiach or moshiach) are well known: He believed that taking steps to hasten the arrival of the messiah is every Jew’s most significant duty.The result is a life every bit as rigorous and all-encompassing as Orthodox Judaism, which guides and structures all aspects of their existence.While others drawn so intensely to Judaism would likely convert, these non-Jews have chosen to remain outside the fold, believing that life as a Noahide is an end in itself, a way to be partners–if not quite equals to the Chosen People–in the divine plan for the world.Though sometimes phrased and ordered differently, the Sheva Mitzvot B’nei Noah are: (1) Do not worship false gods; (2) Do not murder; (3) Do not steal; (4) Do not be sexually immoral; (5) Do not eat a limb removed from a live animal; (6) Do not blaspheme; (7) Set up a court system.


Thus Tuval Cain did his work prior to the Flood and so the waters of the Flood should have upset the relics of his work.

Whether or not carbon dating is accurate, there are other parallel radioactive “clocks” not dependent on carbon (for example, uranium – thorium) that corroborate the carbon data.

And more over, carbon dating is only useful for very recent relics that have carbon remaining, such as bones.

The argument that the flood at the time of Noah affected the fossils to the extent that they are no longer valid indicators of history does not stand up to scrutiny. We read in Genesis , that Tuval Cain, son of Lemach, developed the sophisticated working of bronze metal.

Though the ages of Cain’s progeny are not listed in the Bible, by juxtaposing Cain’s progeny with those of Seth we can estimate that Tuval Cain lived approximately in the Biblical year 1,000 (that is 1000 years after Adam).This can then be compared with the radio-carbon date for the carbon in that ring.


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