Marilyn manson who is he dating now

You will then become perfect like unto Him who made you." That whole section speaks about how if someone kicks you, you smile and turn the other cheek, so to speak. Sure, you’ve had other phases before, but he can’t be a phase. Considering the FACT that Charles Manson has never officially admitted to, nor has he been proven guilty of any murder, this falsehood of referring to him as 'MURDERER Charles Manson' is a ridiculous claim to be making on a website called 'artist FACTS'.


most ppl wouldn't say stuff about a Icon like that.. i was really suicidal and i started listening to his music and i actually listened to them. I'm sorry if no one likes this comment but it's so true!! Be themselves and speak their minds without fear of rejection. Although many people may frown upon him believing that he is one of the many reasons why the youth of todays society is so "disturbed", I'm sure he is a great guy.

Marilyn Manson, born Brian Warner, is an American music icon.

He is a heavy metal rock ‘n’ roll star who has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide.

He is one of those people who is not afraid to go big and just be creative and out there.

To me personally he is definately the god of shock rock and the biggest anti-christ superstar and nobody on this earth could ever take his place or ever will.Okay, I understand that some music just has that 'eff it' mood where you feel like you don't care.


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