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In the math model, this means that power out = power in.

So, if the converter is delivering 200m A at 5V, by the definition of electrical power, that’s 1W (P = V * I).

As the dimmer decreases the voltage, the current and fries the dimmer circuit because it was designed for resistive loads (incandescents) that behave as Ohm’s law indicates.

The appeal of DC-DC converters is the low cost of the completed circuit.

Alternately, if the USB voltage is lower than the battery, power will not flow into the USB host.

To use AA cells, for example in a battery holder such as a 2x AA Holder with switch, solder the wires directly into the battery terminal holes, matching red to positive.

This DC-DC conversion is fairly common in today’s world where a liner regulator is not efficient enough.


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