Linda grace sex chat her


Suddenly, her hand reached over and gripped my leg, the one that was crossed over the other. Then she guided it through the opening of my boxers, and grasped it with her bare hand. "We can't do this." Ignoring my weak plea, she bent over and began to lick and then suck on my cock.She grasped it tightly and slowly pulled it towards her so that my legs would uncross. With her flesh against my flesh, my cock was so engorged, it was almost painful. Any chance of my intellect overruling my libido melted away, and I succumbed fully to the pleasure she was "forcing" on me.As I walked in from the kitchen, and saw Linda sitting on the sofa, I suddenly focused on the fact that she, too, was dressed in a bathrobe, and with her crossed legs forcing her robe to drape apart at her thighs, I couldn't help but notice how magnificent her legs were, and how breathtakingly sexy she looked.


I must do her bidding at all times, regardless of how humiliating her demands are.

During the course of the year, however, we noticed that they increasingly argued with each other, to the point where it became less pleasant to be with them because there was so much hostility in the air. Grace was away, and I was in bed watching the news.

Wearing only a pair of boxers, I slipped on a robe and went to answer the door. She and Scott had just had their biggest blowup yet.

Grace sat on the living room sofa reading the current issue of Cosmopolitan.

Dressed in a comfortable blouse and shorts, her long legs rested on the coffee table in front of her.

"Suck the toes," she said matter-of-factly, and I immediately began to do so. When we arrived, she yanked downward on the leash, the signal for me to return to my knees, and I crawled beside her as she walked around the kitchen. You've done a decent job with your hands, but I haven't given you anything to clean with your tongue tonight, have I? I licked her asshole repeatedly in a steady upward motion, several times in the center, then just to the left of her crack, then to the right, then back up the center.


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