Hannah tointon and joe thomas dating Funny cyber sex chats

It’s like football.'You can’t support Norwich City and Ipswich Town at the same time. It’s the oddest feeling.’ Continuing on life post-Strictly however, he explained: 'Later, when they did start smiling and laughing, I thought they were laughing at us.

'But then it dawned on me that, no, they were smiling and laughing with us.

Hannah and Joe already attended the wedding of fellow Inbetweener Blake Harrison, who played Neil, to theatre publicist Kerry Ann Lynch.

Their characters Simon and Tara dated on beloved TV series The Inbetweeners.

However his carefree attitude towards such incidences as well as his out-there dance moves, such as his rendition of Psy's Gangnam Style, won viewers over in the end - resulting in him making the show's coveted Blackpool week and week 10 of the competition.

The pair, who played on-screen (awkward) lovers Simon and Tara on the hit TV show, have been dating for the past seven years and now the pair are reportedly heading down the aisle.

So with that in mind, knock their spots off in one of the animal print options in our edit below.

This Miss Selfridge coat will add a bit of glamour to everything from skinny jeans and ankle boots to your best little black dress.

Walking onstage behind Daisy Lowe, the politician could not contain his excitement as he prepared to show off his most famous moves from the series to the crowd.

Talking of the chance to perform to thousands of people live each night, the Norfolk native said at the final rehearsal in Birmingham: 'My time on Strictly has been incredible.

'I’ve been overwhelmed by the huge support I’ve had from the public voting for me.'Going on tour is going to be another first for me and I plan to give it everything I’ve got for the audiences across the country.' Ed won the hearts of all Strictly viewers during the show's fourteenth series late last year - after he exceeded all expectations by performing a number of hilarious and well-rehearsed routines.

The couple started dating almost seven years ago when they met on the set of the hit E4 series.33-year-old Joe played unlucky-in-love ringleader Simon, while Hannah played his short-lived (non-Carly) girlfriend Tara.


Some of their most memorable moments include Simon wanting to impress Tara so much that he kissed her right after she'd been sick (😱 ), before then going on a road trip to visit her older sister, with the hope that they would both lose their virginity. While their onscreen relationship didn't last long AT ALL (she dumped him pretty swiftly), it seems they've had a better run of things off-screen.

The 33-year-old actor and the 29-year-old actress have been living together in London since 2012 and now it seems they are planning to tie the knot.



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