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These days, sessions average nine or 10 attendees, sometimes more.

There's a second Chat Room geared specifically toward seniors, held once per week at Silver Harbour Seniors' Activity Centre (at least one couple attends both), and according to Langton, the positive response has been overwhelming.

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Much of this can be attributed to improved sexual education programs; a 2006 meta analysis proved that sex ed programs don't increase the prevalence of teenage sexual activity -- if anything, they decrease sexual behaviour and increase condom use. Funding for such projects is limited, however, and tricky to obtain.

When it comes to the North Shore Chat Room, both Langton and Boehler currently volunteer their time, and are in search of alternative funding.

Every Sunday, in the conference room of a coffee shop on Vancouver's North Shore, participants as young as 20 or as old as 70 and 80 engage in frank, informal and non-judgmental conversation on these topics and more.


The program began in February (hosted in Langton's living room) with only four people.In North Vancouver, both the seniors' and the regular Chat Room programs continue to grow in size and scope.


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