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One other thing was that she was pretty much uninhibited and even more so when drinking, as is common with college age kids being away from home - the freedom and the hormones surging during these peak years.She was a souped-up wildcat in bed, always initiating new things to try.However, I never approached the crowd that always seemed to be encircling her, as I did not want to have the appearance of being intruding, so I just smiled and waved back as I passed by.Kate is 5 feet, 10 inches, reddish blond hair, startling bright green eyes, tanned skin tone, large firm round breasts, with a prominent up tilt to them, small nipples and small areolas.She kept her pussy area waxed and shaved with just a small narrow stripe above her pussy.Kate also had a large pronounced clitoris with an almost non-existent clitoral hood.I raised my head looking over her shoulder and saw her German Shepard, Adolph, licking between her open straddled legs.

My interest was fully turned on when one of my steadier high school girlfriends, Anne, and I went to a party where we got plastered.

She also had a ripped abdomen and a small tight curvaceous muscular ass from all her high school and college cheerleading, exercise routines, as well as years of dance instruction.

Kate alternated her days running six miles and lifting weights for 11/2 hours, not to mention the number of crunches she cranked out twice a day - it would have made a military drill sergeant tremble!

Her name was Kate and she was one of the Bobcat cheerleaders.


We dated all thru college and even discussed marriage later on in the relationship, but Kate was firmly set on medical school and if her school of choice that was out-of-state accepted her, she would be going.

When aroused, her clitoris became a very visible prominent promontory “her little man in the boat”.


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