Fraud dating


There’s nothing particularly “new” about this scam except that it uses the web instead of good old fashioned snail mail — and the fact that more people are falling for it because of the inherent confidence created by online personalities. In the summer of 2010, the British Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) has sent trained investigators from the Anti-Kidnap and Extortion Unit to several West African nations in order to assist in the training of police officials in anti-confidence scam tactics.



Most people are familiar with Internet confidence scams that start out: “I am a Nigerian prince . .” and though most people recognize these “419 fraud” emails for what they are — identity thieves trying to get access to your bank account.

A fraudster may mention that their cell phone is going to be cut off because their bank account is frozen or for some other ridiculous reason — the idea behind that this all important love connection will end if they don’t get forty bucks.


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