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This ignores the fact that women are taught that they’re just naturally “bad” at math, there are fewer mentors for women in the hard sciences or that cultures of discrimination are prevalent and rarely addressed in the departments.Similarly, men are discouraged from going into traditionally “girly” career paths, frequently ones involving a nurturing or care-giving aspect.A male nurse, for example, is still more likely to be an novelty at best or a step man could.The idea that men and women can’t communicate isn’t because we’re so different that we’re practically from different worlds (which, side note, is a great way to “other” 50% of the species); it’s because we’re taught to speak different languages and take flack from others when we cross divide.In our rush to insist that women don’t approach men because they’re lazy or because they’re reveling in their power as the “chooser” while men are the “supplicant” trying to appease her by proving his genetic superiority, it’s easy to forget that we live in a culture with contradictory rules regarding sex and gender roles; women have had it drilled into their heads for hundreds of years that they are the “submissive” ones and that men are supposed to be the aggressors.As a result, women who flaunt gender roles often end up unnerving or intimidating men who then have to confront their Similarly, the idea that men are supposed to spread their seed far and wide has less to do with evolutionary psychology – in fact, this is often a naturalistic fallacy, the belief that something that occurs in nature is automatically “correct” – and far to do with how our culture defines male sexuality as rampant and unrestrainable.The first common mistake is assuming that women are some sort of singular entity, an estrogen fueled hive-mind that moves in singular lock-step like a Lady Gaga video directed by Leni Reifenshtahl and guest-starring the Rockettes.


A woman who is overly aggressive or assertive is a “ball-buster” or just a plain “bitch” (again, with undercurrents of “masculine = lesbian”).

One of the attitudes I try to combat here at Paging Dr. (Sure, there’s tens of thousands of years of enforced societal roles and training involved and the idea that women are equal to men on the social level is relatively recent – within less than 100 years, really – but that’s a horse of a different color) Now I’m not claiming to have gone everywhere and done everything but I do know it’s a pretty amazing planet we live on here, and a man would have to be some kind of FOOL to think we’re alone in THIS universe.


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