Dating revelstoke bc


Now it sounds like the internet is helping with Tinder and Plenty of Fish (POF), that seems to work for people who are wanting to meet new people and go on dates, as more and more people are on it.

There’s definitely always the challenge of it being a fairly small pool so you have to get used to seeing exes around town.

I have however had friends who had the opposite with them coming on too strong.

I think in general people don’t know what they want and so are worried to miss out on experiences by being tied down, especially when they might not know where they’ll be the following year.

Or because as small towns go, it’s hard to find many well-paying job prospects?

Alexis, 31, is a server and masseuse in Revelstoke who met her boyfriend Matt, 23, just over a year ago.



I think most people I know in relationships lived here a while before meeting their current partner.

I do also know some great ladies still looking, but I also know guys looking so they all just haven’t met that person yet. A: I think in general the dating scene has changed, and in Revy there’s the added complication of being a small transient town.

But it’s a great place to be whether single or in a relationship, and there are definitely opportunities to meet a lot of people.

A few months later, both were having a late night out partying with friends when this pair realise their dancing, and relationship, potential. I asked Alexis her thoughts on the Revelstoke dating scene. A: I wasn’t super active in the dating scene, but I think for a lot of people it is a bit confusing. I found guys often acted interested but get scared off easily.


Making plans was difficult and even when you did sometimes they would bail for a bigger adventure, or time, with the boys.

Pass Holders caught in violation of any of points below will have their skiing/riding privileges revoked and be responsible for any associated fines.


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