Dating double standards


Specifically, which are the most tear-your-hair-out frustrating?I've listed three annoying ones below—chime in with your thoughts in the comments!If a man openly admits the same, he's sweet and swoonworthy (unless he goes too far in the other direction and becomes creepy).Anyone wanting a relationship or craving the single life should feel comfortable pursuing whatever makes that person happy, right?

"I know it's wrong to think that way, but it's hard to change," he told me.

In the present study, we investigated factors related to young heterosexual adults’ endorsement of dating double standards. In the Heterosexual Dating Double-Standards Scale, respondents rate the desirability of five dating and courtship behaviors (initiate date, hold door open, pay for date, propose marriage, take spouse’s last name) separately for women and men.

Preliminary analyses revealed participants generally expressed double standards by rating the desirability of behaviors differently for female and male characters in the traditional direction (e.g., paying for a date rated more desirable for a man than for a woman).

Of course all of the above is general and your mileage may vary.

If you haven't experienced these in your own life, I'm thrilled for you (and where do you live, because I'd like to move there).

We predicted dating double standards would be positively related to factors previously found to predict traditional gender roles (viewing popular media, religious attendance) as well as attitudes that reflect traditional views (conservative political beliefs, benevolent and hostile sexism, disavowing a feminist identity). Among these correlations, dating double standards were strongly associated with benevolent sexism (among women and men) and with hostile sexism (among men).


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