Dating affiliate payout


Online affiliate marketing is the best way to build a relationship between the advertiser and consumer with the help of publisher.

To simplify the definition, online affiliate marketing is the situation when a publisher (individual partner) gets a percent of money for promoting or selling some company’s services or products.

It is important to know that if you want to get your commissions for pay per lead offer you need to complete a 2% conversion rate.

To make it clearer we will explain: two out of 100 men lead to the site by you must to buy a service from our website.

We are always ready to pay people like you if you are involved in increasing the number of visitors and customers to our sites.


A wide selection of different technologies permits many things and gives more opportunities to present different products to a vast audience.Every day millions of internet users are surfing the web that is why online advertising and online affiliate marketing became such a powerful force.


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