Dating a former nun

But the pop singer might still be able to claim the convent as her own if it is determined that Archbishop Gomez is the true legal owner. Apparently the nuns, particularly Sister Rita Callanan, don't really want the convent to be sold to Katy, even though the 30-year-old sang It's up to the lawyers and courts to figure out whether Katy Perry or Dana Hollister will get to sign their name to the deed, though Ms.

I am guided now not so much by teachings that were handed down to me, but by ideas that have risen up from within — a shift that began 30 years ago when I was a young postulant nun in a religious order taking my first theology class.From the FAQ page, apparently "Vicky" does the writing and her husband simply provides a computer for her, but it is their "family" web site.Hey "Vicky", feel free to contact us and tell us about your "friend" Mary Ann.I firmly believe that there must be someone - perhaps a friend or colleague ... This reader got a quick email response from "Mary Ann" who if she existed would be about 75-80 years old now, given her story, and this "Mary Ann" is listening to her "Father", uhhh, who would be how old? My hunch is that a younger person - or perhaps a group of people - created her as a way to bash Catholics, because a former nun would have more "credibility" than someone who was a fundamentalist Protestant all of her life.

The reason I suspect a younger person is because it's unusual to find someone in their seventies so adept at maintaining a website and promoting their work online.There are a few things that seem odd in her testimony: Mary Ann Collins' story is posted on a site called is a radical anti-Catholic site with sensationalist claims about all kinds of denominations.


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