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And that established a pattern of dread, violence and silence.Growing up a son of the church, John Knisely says he took his share of beatings from Fred King.Rishel stated that the girls were swimming in the backyard around 0200 hours on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 when they observed a male looking over the back fence." "Rishel said the girls got out of the pool and ran to the front yard in an attempt to identify the male subject and realized a group of people who were observed running from the house had placed toilet paper in the trees and bushes.The girls ran after the group and followed them to the home of a fellow classmate (daughter of TARA MAUNEY, suspect listed in this affidavit).As the girls approached the group they recognized all but one in the group." "One of the girls spending the night at Rishel's (Witness #1) provided a written statement to Dectective Cheryl Womack, which stated that with the group of juveniles was 'Mrs.MAUNEY', whom the witness knows from school functions with her daughter."Upon arrival, Officer Wallace reported a large amount of toilet paper had been placed in the trees and shrubs in the front of the home at 4604 Alexandra Drive.Upon further investigation Officer Wallace observed two raw chicken halves had been placed in the mailbox, a toilet had been placed in the circle driveway in front of the front door of the home with the words 'suck it' written in back 'sharpie' style ink." "Officer Wallace also observed that written on the light colored exterior stucco walls of the home, in the covered drive area, were numerous writings, such as 'whore house', 'CMS jokes', 'suck it', and 'sluts' in black 'sharpie' style ink .


As previously reported in Local News Only, on July 25, 2012, Officer Charles Wallace responded at AM to a Criminal Mischief complaint at 4604 Alexandra Drive in The Lakes of Somerset.

And as time passed, she says King bedded three more “wives” ranging in age from 10 to 17.


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    And that established a pattern of dread, violence and silence.


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