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His boss had asked him to cover her shift and he was working 16 hour days. I was getting frustrated with his lack of attention and he was getting annoyed at my lack of patience.

These feelings led to do something that changed the whole dynamic of our relationship.

Coming back to Australia wasn't as hard as I anticipated.

We fell back into our familiar routine of daily Skype calls.

I asked him what was going on and if he was breaking up with me.

He quickly denied it and said someone at his job had quit. Why would someone who used to spend hours online talking to me not have enough time to send me a quick text message? He would talk to me every few days and send me brief Facebook messages.

I booked my tickets and started to plan for my trip to the US.

When the time came, I realized just how much of a big deal this trip was.


While I was on the plane I experienced a few different feelings. I started to think, what if I didn't like him? My plane finally landed and I made my way through security.

Sure I missed him, but I felt sure that I would see him again. For five days I worried and wondered what was going on.


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