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Main Article: Finland In The Wordy Nordic Comic, Finland was excited to hear the news of Iceland's test results, adding that he knew that he and Norway were biological brothers.

After learning of the promise that Norway and Iceland made, Finland happily asks him if Iceland could call him "big brother" as well.

However he then wakes up distraught, wondering if he's fully sane to dream something like that. Italy, whom he himself became separated from Germany and Japan, spots him as he and Mr. Italy is ecstatic to see him, saying that he's lost just like him but Iceland insists that he's not and that he's looking for "The Magnificent and Enjoyable Tour through the Nordic Countries (Iceland included)" pamphlet.

Iceland tries to leave but Italy tells him to waits as he runs off and picks up a treat called a "Sparkling Pescuettele".

Out of the five Nordics, he is the youngest and second shortest.

He seems to be embarrassed and annoyed when the other Nordics pester him to call Norway "Onii-chan," saying that he would rather have originated from a tribe of native peoples, as opposed to being his younger brother.

Denmark, Norway, and to a certain degree, Finland each try to get him to say those words but it only frustrates him even more as he continuously tries to deny them.

Main Article: Sealand He first met Sealand when he was attempting to auction himself off on Ebay, but didn't understand what he meant when he wanted to become his friend due to their similarities (as well as Sealand wanting to be referred to as "senpai").

Main Article: Turkey In the 2010 Christmas Event, he was shown to have a nice friendly relationship with Turkey, whom he calls "Pops".

In The Wordy Nordic Comic, Denmark was excited to hear the news of his test results.

After learning of the promise that Norway and Iceland made, Denmarks pokes fun at him but later asks him if he could be called "big brother" as well.

A man comes to Iceland's home bringing his dry cleaning, containing 10 lopapeysas that Iceland left with him the previous year.


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