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For example, this snippet iterates through the server's services and characteristics and displays them in the UI: private Bluetooth Gatt m Bluetooth Gatt; Bluetooth Gatt Characteristic characteristic; boolean enabled; ...

Without these permissions, your app's requests for location updates fail with a permission error. If your app receives location information from either of these location provider sources, you need to declare that the app uses these hardware features in your app manifest.For example, if the activity tracker wants to report sensor data to the phone, it might make sense for the activity tracker to act as the server.If the activity tracker wants to receive updates from the phone, then it might make sense for the phone to act as the server.Here is a summary of key BLE terms and concepts: To understand the distinction, imagine that you have an Android phone and an activity tracker that is a BLE device.

The phone supports the central role; the activity tracker supports the peripheral role (to establish a BLE connection you need one of each—two things that only support peripheral couldn't talk to each other, nor could two things that only support central).The following code sample demonstrates how to declare the permission and hardware feature in the manifest file of an app that reads data from the device's GPS: is set to false.


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