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: Literally, I was just a normal girl and to be put on television, live television never mind, and the fact that they made me work out the whole time. : Initially when we were first on the ranch it was a wake up call because they took away our cell phones. Initially that was hard being away from my family and my friends. I was still a little girl and this is the first time that I had ever been away from my parents.I remember thinking “what am I signing myself up for? We had no internet access, no TV, no interaction with the outside world. I took it really hard and I was really homesick for the first couple weeks.I love this episode because they always show us the photo from each week. It’s also cool to see all the contestants slip on the super shiny floor. Fifteen minutes into the show we found out that Amanda won the final spot. I would have been SHOCKED if America voted for Liz. We’ve discussed this before, I think that’s sweet and will be a constant reminder of a very important time of his life. They come out in groups of four so that’s how we’ll discuss them (It’s very possible that some of these numbers are wrong. Julio needs to do something different with his hair, both on his head and on his face. But as time went on, Amanda revealed herself to be strong, courageous and full of determination.

(Which also happens to be my mom’s birthday and my blogaversary!

Shay – 172 – 36.13% Daniel – 111 – 35.58% Rebecca – 139 – 49.82% Allen – 116 – 35.69% Liz – 91 – 34.?? For every pound she loses, Subway is going to pay her 00. And then, approximately 45 minutes after my sister-in-law texted me saying, “I’m glad he didn’t propose on there :)”….

She is invited back to the Season 9 Finale in May to weigh in again.

Am I really asking people to put me through this process? Getting past that, it was just physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion were hard to get past. I would think “I’ve made it this far, am I going to give up now? ” And so I’d work a little harder and I’d always tell myself all of the times I wanted to quit, had I not taken that extra step, where would I be?


” I remember second guessing and asking myself if this is what I really want. Be realistic here and just do it.’ And so I just sucked it up and just did it but I had so many emotions going through my head. But because I took that extra step, look where I am now. We ran that marathon in October and we started training for the show in May. The doctor told us that we were almost athletes because of how much training we did every day. Stephen thinks he looks like TR Knight (George O’Malley from Grey’s Anatomy.) But seriously, he looks great and doesn’t look nasty skinny. My MIL may or may not have texted me, “DANNY IS A BABE!


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    I am in great shape, I lift weights and exercise alot. We could help each other and be each others friends. I do not look my age, most people tell me I look young.

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    Congratulations are in order for Ashley Cole, who is reportedly expecting his first child with girlfriend Sharon Canu.

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