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They have taken this world into "new" areas of technological reality that could not even have been thought of fifty years ago. Posted in "The Rapture", Blasphemy, Breath of Life, destination, eternal Hell, Eternal Life, Eternal Life versus eternal death, Eternal Salvation, Final Judgement, Giving up The Spirit, God, God's Covenant, Hades, His Return, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Jesus' Crucifixion, John The Baptist, our soul, Salvation, self versus spirit, The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit descends as a Dove over His Head, the lake of fire and brimstone, The Second Coming, The Strength of The Holy Spirit, Uncategorized, worldly success, worldly treasures Your Life Is Going Where and How Does It Get There?


Posted in Anointing, Daily Inspirational, Divine standards, Faith, Faith in His Resurrection, Healing, Heaven on earth, Jesus, Laying on of hands, life's demands, Moment to moment trust and love, motivation, Spiritual treasures, Spiritual Victory, Spiritually Blessed, Uncategorized I offer my sincerest apology for my past writings regarding Jesus' greatest Gift to all of mankind!It is not my intention to walk you through the many details that stopped our posts on


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